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    This FREE guidebook is a MUST READ for anyone thinking about getting a reverse mortgage.


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  • Reverse Mortgage In Hamilton

    Getting a Reverse Mortgage In Hamilton can be a daunting task. The reason is that the internet and commercials are inundated with advertising for Reverse Mortgage in Hamilton and elsewhere. It is very difficult to know who to trust.

    Trust When Arranging a Reverse Mortgage In Hamilton

    It is difficult to build trust on the internet. That is why we like to meet with people and speak on the phone. We even have a box full of thank you cards in the office. The next best thing for us are our Google reviews. These speak volumes for us when building trust with our new clients online.

    CHIP Reverse Mortgage

    CHIP is actually not the only reverse mortgage lender in Canada. There is one other but CHIP is the most prominent name. When considering a Reverse Mortgage In Hamilton, the key is to speak with an unbiased, honest consultant. Calling CHIP directly would be like going to a Chrysler dealership to ask their opinion on which car manufacturer is the best. They will sell you on their product only. This is why it is useful to speak with a mortgage broker who will give you unbiased advice when considering a mortgage or a reverse mortgage. A mortgage broker is not loyal to one particular product or brand.

    Purpose Of A Reverse Mortgage

    A Reverse Mortgage In Hamilton should not be considered as a first option. A reverse mortgage is a very niche product that should only be considered under very specific circumstances.

    1. Insufficient cash flow in retirement years
    2. Mortgage-free or lots of equity in the home
    3. Over 55 years of age

    The purpose of a reverse mortgage is to release equity from the home. There are other ways of doing that but they all require the borrower to make regular payments:

    • Conventional mortgage
    • Home equity line of credit

    The main advantages of a Reverse Mortgage In Hamilton is that it allows the retiree with limited income to access the equity in their home and remain living in it.

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