• About Us

  • We are a small business operating out of an office on the East Hamilton Mountain in Hamilton, Ontario. We have built our practice on the principles of honesty and transparency to our clients. Our mandate is to ALWAYS give the best advice that will benefit our clients; not us. We are two of the very few brokers who will turn away your business in favour of another alternative if it is in your best interest. This is how we have built a loyal following of thousands of clients. We are always here even if it is for a second opinion to give you peace of mind. We encourage you to ask questions and scrutinize to keep this industry HONEST. We are fully licensed and monitored by FSCO and other governing agencies in Canada. We have strict rules and guidelines to follow just like any other lender or bank, which we EXCEED. 

  • Robert Floris CFP, AMP

    Lead Licensed Mortgage Agent M08004919

    Certified Financial Planner

    Robert has worked as a mortgage agent and financial planner for over 25 years. He studied business at Mohawk College and climbed the corporate ladder to become Scotiabanks area sales manager of mortgages for Southern Ontario before he decided to work independently as a mortgage agent. Robert wisely chose this path which gave him the freedom and opportunity to act as an unbiased and open advocate for his clients rather than pushing them into products that they did not need.

  • Sean Howard BSc. MSc.

    Licensed Mortgage Agent


    Sean studied science at the University of Calgary receiving his Bachelor's degree in Cellular Molecular and Microbial Biology followed by his Master's degree in Immunology. Sean briefly taught High School Science and Math and then worked for many years in the clinical diagnostics laboratory automation. He started working under Robert as his mentor and recently became a licensed agent himself.