• PensionersPensioners and Money: Serious Long Discussions Are Often Needed

    My parents arrived in Canada with a suitcase, $100 and a dream. They had survived the depression but due to those tough times, their norms were set for the rest of their lives. They worked and saved, but they were afraid to spend – especially as Pensioners. As times got better, baby boomers begin to spend. Most financial experts also agree that one of the biggest changes we have seen is Pensioners retiring with debt.

    Rule #1: Educate Yourself!

    One of the first things the older generation of Pensioners can do is to educate themselves, ask questions, talk to an expert and face their situation. Canadian Pensioners are in fear because if they are cash strapped, they are not ready for illnesses or repairs to the home on their limited income. The big issue is stress where many are embarrassed or too proud to seek assistance. Recently we had one older gentleman Pensioner who was eating out of cans every day.

    Your Home Is Your Gold Mine

    For many Pensioners who own their home, they are sitting on a gold mine: their paid off home which has generally appreciated in value. In an environment where pensioners enjoy staying home but cash flow is tight, the reverse mortgage option can help a crisis from developing. Approach this lack of liquidity proactively and discover whether this reverse mortgage product is right for you

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