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  • Why Do Credit Card Companies Charge So Much?

    Because the debt is unsecured. When you have an assett like a home, you have the potential to reduce the rate substantially because there is less risk for the lender.

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  • Revolving Credit Vs. Instalment Loans

    Credit Cards are examples of revolving debt. They fluctuate up and down and if they are maxed out, they destroy your credit. We are offering an alternative; an instalment loan that goes in one direction: DOWN.

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  • Reduce Your Interest Rate Without The Risk Or Penalties Of a Mortgage

    If you already have a mortgage, it may not make sense to break it to consolidate your debt. We can offer you a solution that is like a mortgage, but without the risk. They can never take your home and it does not appear on your credit bureau.

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  • Repair Your Bruised Credit By Wiping Your Credit Cards Clean

  • This Unique Product Is NOT A MORTGAGE: Receive Up To $40,000 In Your Account In As Little As 2 Business Days

    * * NO Appraisal * * NO Legal Fees * * NOT A Mortgage * * NOT A Second Mortgage * * NO Credit Bureau Reporting * * NOT Locked In * * OPEN Terms * *

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